Prevention is better than cure!

We all know that "prevention is better than cure" but do we really ponder over or believe in this phrase? Do we really think about visiting a clinic or a hospital until and unless there is a sheer necessity to visit one?

At present, people all over the world are realizing that preventive healthcare holds a lot of significance and requires attention. Western countries have become cognizant of the fact that investing on preventive healthcare is more economical than to think about a hospital at times of distress.

Therefore, we aim to emphasize the merits of preventive healthcare and to help people view health positively, which would lead to good health and good life. Positive Health is achieved through lifestyle modification that includes a good diet, regular exercise and periodic visits to your family physician.

As Francis Bacon has quoted, "A healthy body is the guest chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison". We have six customized packages to suit the requirement of varying age groups.

Among all the packages offered, the Cratis Hospitals Health Check is the most fundamental package, which offers you the convenience of all the required tests under one roof and immediate treatment if called for.

Programme features include:

  • ·     Assessment of individual medical history and physical examination
    by a Physician.
  • ·     A complete Lab profile consisting of 32 tests.
  • ·     Ultrasonography of the abdomen, Chest X-Ray and resting E.C.G.
    Report & Review
  • ·     After the medical history, physical examination and reports, the
    physician might ask you to go for some more tests, which are not included in the CRATIS Health Check package, for further evaluation.


  1. Please come to the department at 8 am with empty stomach. You will
          be required to give fasting blood samples. All the formalities,
          including registration and billing are done at the department.
  2. 2.
  3. No Hospital Stay.

Personal Care

  1.     You will be seen by specialists in the various departments, and will be
        seen by a senior physician for a complete and final evaluation
  2. 2.
  3.     Dieticians will give you counseling regarding your diet.
  4. 3.
  5.     You will be guided by volunteers.
  6. 4.
  7.     Priority will be given to you at the diagnostic service areas.
        The department has a clean and pleasant ambience, and all the
        facilities to take care of your needs.

List of Health Checkup Programs

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